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Hgh Frequency Trading

ABC Radio National – Background Briefing Attack of the algorithms Robot Traders – High-Frequency Trading There's mounting concern in the world's financial markets about the [...]

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Wesfarmers Coles demerger

The Wesfarmers Coles demerger is certainly worth discussing, particularly considering the size of the Coles Listing coming within the top 30  ASX companies. Some items of interest/concern – The Coles Board [...]

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Cannabis Update

I have not researched Ecofibre and don't know anything of Barry Lambert but this article has all the hallmarks of pre IPO broker spin. Rugby celebrity associates (potential Directors), China market [...]

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Cannabis Update

Gentlemen Following on from Roman’s investigations into Cannabis and your obvious interest in the subject, I am enclosing an interesting article on the subject.  Does anyone know Barry Lambert? Regards John [...]

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