The PIG 2020 portfolio is now available.

Our recent PIG meetings have highlighted the need to select our portfolio based on a wider range financial data. The 2020 spreadsheet has an increased capacity to show financial data to enable us to improve the performance of our current portfolio.

There are a number of changes to the 2020 Portfolio spreadsheet to make it easier to read, especially on mobile devices but also on a desktop screen.

Major changes are:

Purchase columns

Purchase columns ( cols D to G) are hidden by default allowing for a more compact display of the important items on the portfolio sheet.

Go to menu item “Show/Hide Purchases to show buy columns.

2020 Portfolio – Supporting data dashboard

Each stock has a “2020 Portfolio – Supporting data dashboard”. This provides the ability to store and display an extensive range of data for each stock. Click next to the ASX code (col A) to view this dashboard sheet.

The dashboard has the ability to show HTML (web pages text) allowing for an unlimited amount of text information to be displayed. This is used to display company information and other additional information pages may follow.

As each stocked has a sponsor who is responsible for their chosen  stock and the information that underpins their choice. The dashboard is currently a ‘work in progress’ and subject to improvements as it gets used. 

Sponsors are responsible for providing the information. At this stage, please:

Use the Comment on a cell to make your suggestion

You may edit your own data but be aware that many cells get data from the portfolio sheet

If you are unsure, send me an email and I will make the changes for you

The additional functionally does require the spreadsheet time to open, this takes a few seconds. The sheet is not open until the PIG menu items are displayed in the toolbar.