2020 Meetings documents


2020 PIG Portfolio Documentation

An analysis of previous portfolios shows disappointing results compared to the ASX 200 or other professional portfolios and our aim in 2020 is to match or better typical benchmarks.

In 2020 we need to provide the underlying basis of each stock selection. To achieve this, each selected stock has a sponsor who provides the required fundamental data and expert opinion to support the selection.

This document shows how a sponsor provides the required data.

2020 Stocks and their sponsors

Stock Sponsor Category
BLD Boral John Porter  Materials
CHC Charter Hall John Chubb Real Estate
GMG Goodwin John Harston Property
GWA GWA Trevor Stephens Building
IAG IAG Jim Attrill Insurance
MQG Macquarie Group Michael Mannington Banking
RHC Ramsay Arthur Napper Health
STO Santos Ron Seldon Energy
TGR Tassel Bill Marshall Food
WES Wesfarmers Arthur Napper Consumer Discretionary

Instructions for Sponsors

Each stock has an individual data page where this information is displayed, see this example:


You may use the two example stocks on the 2020 portfolio.

Hover the mouse over column A, the ASX code for the stock to view the link to the additional data page. 

Please provide the data for the stock you are sponsoring using a copy of the Required Data table below.


PIG 2020 Portfolio Required Data
Stock Enter ASX code Enter Name
Market Cap
Franking %
Yield %
Expert Advice Provide source
Risk (provided by Macquarie or similar
Dividend  EX   DIV  PAY DATE
Earnings and Dividend forecast
EPS$  Current 2020 2021 2023
Dividend per share
Current 2020 2021 2022
Any additionl information

Please return your data to michael@pittwater.org.au for entry into the 2020 portfolio spreadsheet.