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RBA, analysts warn of ‘ticking time bomb’ on mortgage stress

The Reserve Bank has raised the spectre of widespread mortgage stress against a backdrop of high household debt, rising home loan rates, declining home prices and years of irresponsible lending by banks. The RBA, which revealed that the official cash rate would remain on hold at 1.5 per cent on Tuesday, flagged a potential rise in mortgage arrears.“Banks’ large exposure to a potential deterioration in housing loan performance is expected to remain a key issue.

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Cannabis Update

I have not researched Ecofibre and don't know anything of Barry Lambert but this article has all the hallmarks of pre IPO broker spin. Rugby celebrity associates (potential Directors), China market interest (big as A2 milk), hemp a superfood !!! Lets tease it some more at the next PIG meeting. Regards Roman

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ASX Lithium stocks: Should you invest in these companies?

It is no secret that Australia’s Lithium stocks have staged a spectacular run of late. The share prices of miners such as General Mining Corp (GMM:ASX), Pilbara Minerals (PLS:ASX) and Neometals Limited (NMT:ASX) skyrocketing several hundred percent. https://www.australianstockreport.com.au/asx-lithium?campaignid=819500343&adgroupid=44644641800&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhs6hy42l3AIVRUgBCh0-2Q3wEAEYASAAEgLvU_D_BwE

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Jobs and billions on the table if WA gets ‘Lithium Valley’ right

Western Australia stands to gain 93,000 jobs and a $56 billion shot in the arm of its economy by 2025 if it expands its lithium and new energy metals sector beyond just exports. Regional Development Australia's Lithium Valley report outlined the impending lithium battery boom and how WA could capitalise on it by becoming a centre for processing battery minerals, making them, using them and recycling them. The report found Australia misses out on 99.5 per cent, or $213 billion, of the potential value of its lithium assets because it doesn't have any downstream processing like electrochemical processing, battery cell production or product assembly. The state has plentiful lithium reserves and supplies of every other metal required for battery production like cobalt, manganese, vanadium, nickel, copper, tin and rare earths. The report called for WA to become a 'lithium valley' in the same way California became a hotbed for the world's biggest software and technology industries, known as Silicon Valley. https://pro.portphillippublishing.com.au/p/u6asicannabis/EASIU7CG/?a=20&o=24347&s=68768&u=774966&l=983353&r=MC2&vid=HLhWE3&g=0&h=true

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