New to 2020 Portfolio – Email updates

New for 2020 Using the new email feature, you can opt in receive a daily summary of the portfolio performance. The email is sent at the end of the day's trading and includes a summary of the entire portfolio. This where you enter /edit your subscription. You may trial the email before subscribing by entering your email address in cell C2 and clicking the box below. This will send a once only email to this address. To subscribe enter your name and email in columns 1 and 2 You may remove your name/email at anytime to unsubscribe. Frequency Please let me know if you prefer a different frequency.

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2020 Portfolio published

The PIG 2020 portfolio is now available. Our recent PIG meetings have highlighted the need to select our portfolio based on a wider range financial data. The 2020 spreadsheet has an increased capacity to show financial data to enable us to improve the performance of our current portfolio. There are a number of changes to the 2020 Portfolio spreadsheet to make it easier to read, especially on mobile devices but also on a desktop screen. Major changes are: Purchase columns Purchase columns ( cols D to G) are hidden by default allowing for a more compact display of the important items on the portfolio sheet. Go to menu item “Show/Hide Purchases to show buy columns. 2020 Portfolio - Supporting data dashboard Each stock has a “2020 Portfolio - Supporting data dashboard”. This provides the ability to store and display an extensive range of data for each stock. Click next to the ASX code (col A) to view this dashboard sheet. The dashboard has the ability to show HTML (web pages text) allowing for an unlimited amount of [...]

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Hybrid Opportunities

John Porter The current ASX rout has created many headaches and opportunities.  I have used bank hybrids as a superior yield investment ahead of TD’s and the like.  They have fallen below par and may offer buying opportunities with a decent yield, franking credits and guaranteed capital value – unless the banks really fall over.  The list below would offer around 10% capital growth at maturity and maybe more, dependant on the market. Code Coupon Distribution Frequency Share Price Expected Maturity CBAPG 3.4% + BBSW Quarterly  $        90.00 2025 ANZPF 3.6% + BBSW Semi-Annually $        93.50 2023 MQGPC 4.0% + BBSW Quarterly  $        88.00 2024 WBCPI 3.70% + BBSW Quarterly  $        90.80 2026 NABPF 4.0% + BBSW Quarterly  $        90.00 2026

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Neo Banks

Extracts from various websites This post as an attached document What is a Neo Bank? A neobank is a type of direct bank that is 100% digital and reaches customers on mobile apps and personal computer platforms only. Neobanks do not operate traditional physical branch networks. Neobanks are technology-driven and may adopt machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies whilst not being constrained by legacy systems of traditional banking competitors. Neo Banks are starting to evolve in Australia, with not only the introduction of equity crowdfunding, but legislation being put forward that reduces restrictions on an organisation. How does a Neo Bank work? Apps that facilitate the administration of accounts and credit cards are typical Neo Banks. They rely on customers having an account with an underlying Bank and corresponding bank license, bu offer a user-friendly interface. The extent to which customers are aware of the underlying bank relationship day to day may vary. Put simply, a ‘Neo Bank’ is a bank sitting on a 100% digital and mobile platform (ie: no physical branches), but more than that, [...]

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Renewable Energy

https://theconversation.com/australia-is-the-runaway-global-leader-in-building-new-renewable-energy-123694 This is the link requested at our meeting------we never hear about it !! Peter PS I would note that even if investment goes down capacity can go up because costs are decreasing so much.

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The top 10 phrases you’ll need to understand the economy in 2020

It’s that time of year when those of us with a professional interest in grabbing headlines stare into our crystal balls and make bold predictions about what lies ahead in 2020. The trick for those of us seeking both fame and longevity is to keep things a bit vague. So, in that vein, here is my one big prediction for the economy in 2020: there is a higher than usual chance things are about to get very weird. Like, deeply weird.   If the economic concepts that arise this year don’t make much sense to you, congratulations: you’re within a hair's breadth of grasping the gravity of the situation. But to give you a fighting chance at keeping up, I’ve once again assembled my top 10 list of economic jargon words or phrases you’ll need to avoid looking silly at dinner parties this year. You’re quite welcome. Advertisement Unconventional measures: First, a quick update. Australia’s official cash rate is 0.75 per cent and economists are tipping it to fall again to 0.5 per cent when the Reserve Bank [...]

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