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Our Meetings Download September Meeting Audio here

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May 2021 Price Earnings ratio P/E

"The 'yield curve' is one of the most accurate predictors of a future recession – and it's flashing warning signs" — PIG MEETING MAY 2021 RE-VISIT PRICE–EARNINGS RATIOS Names – [...]

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PIG MEETING MAY 2021 RETURN ON EQUITY Return on Equity is another metric that Investors should use in managing shares in their portfolio.  Its components are as follows: “Return” as measured [...]

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Feb 2021 PIG Meeting Notes

Three items that needed followup from last week’s meeting are as follows. At the March PIG meeting we will select companies for our new, regular and spec portfolios.  Please bring your [...]

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PIG Minutes November 2020

Our November meeting covered a variety of investment issues and some topics needed some analysis that I promised to do.  A main topic for follow-up was “fixed interest returns” and with [...]

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Hybrid Opportunities

John Porter The current ASX rout has created many headaches and opportunities.  I have used bank hybrids as a superior yield investment ahead of TD’s and the like.  They have fallen [...]

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Neo Banks

Extracts from various websites This post as an attached document What is a Neo Bank? A neobank is a type of direct bank that is 100% digital and reaches customers on [...]

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Renewable Energy This is the link requested at our meeting------we never hear about it !! Peter PS I would note that even if investment goes down capacity can go up because costs are [...]

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