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Yield Curve

"The 'yield curve' is one of the most accurate predictors of a future recession – and it's flashing warning signs" —

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More on Yield Inversion

MORE ON YIELD INVERSION The following points came out of PIG’s April 2019 meeting. Yield curves as shown in the Forum show rate inversions in USA and Australia. In USA a [...]

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Yield Curve Changes

We have discussed yield curves at several PIG meetings and noted their conventional, upward slope from low short term rates to higher long term.  In recent weeks [...]

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Lithium is finite

Lithium is finite – but clean technology relies on such non-renewable resources Parakram Pyakurel, Southampton Solent University Until we cut consumption, we will only shift problems from one natural resource to [...]

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Hgh Frequency Trading

ABC Radio National – Background Briefing Attack of the algorithms Robot Traders – High-Frequency Trading There's mounting concern in the world's financial markets about the [...]

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Wesfarmers Coles demerger

The Wesfarmers Coles demerger is certainly worth discussing, particularly considering the size of the Coles Listing coming within the top 30  ASX companies. Some items of interest/concern – The Coles Board [...]

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